My name is Larry Morgan and I’m a lucky  man. When I’m not traveling I spend my Winters in Naples Florida and my Summers in Jackson Hole. How tough is that? 

More importantly, I’m Free to live my life in my own way. Free of bad relationships, a 9 to 5 job, and meaningless social commitments I  no longer enjoy. And though it may seem impossible,  you can be free of these things as well.  You can  live your life in your own way.  You can “be free too.”  This website is about getting you started on your own “Road to Freedom.”

My  freedom began 40 years ago. The principles I applied then are still relevant now. They don’t require anyones permission.  They don’t require anyones help. And you already have all the tools you need to be free. You just haven’t used them yet.

This website isn’t about “thinking outside the box.” It’s about realizing THERE IS NO BOX!  This isn’t about “self help.”  This is about  “self actualization.”  So, where would you really like to live? Who would you really like to be with?  Where would you really like to go? What would you really like to do?

For me it’s travel,  photography, and spending time with friends. And thanks to my freedom, I’ve  been able to roam the globe.  At first I explored an academic  career for which I was trained. But my heart was in being my own boss.  Going “out there on my own” was the beginning of my freedom and my success.  From red neck bar rooms to corporate board rooms, from a yurt in the Gobi to a five star hotel in Sydney, from a canoe on the Amazon to a luxury cruise on the Mediterranean, I remain free to live my life in my own way.

My most important discovery?  Money and success won’t bring you freedom but freedom will bring you success and money. My freedom has enabled me to enjoy a personal, professional, and financial success beyond my wildest dreams. And other than my good health, my friends and my ability to live my life in my own way remain my most valuable possessions.

I get lot’s of questions about the  pictures. In the last 40 years I’ve encountered numerous professional photographers and I learned a lot.  But hey, with todays technology, most of taking a good picture is just being there.  Hopefully a picture of mine will inspire you to travel to that place. An essay may raise your ire or cause you to think of an old idea in a new way. And the poems? They just pop into my head, inspired by the people I’ve known and the places I’ve been. I hope they make you laugh, reflect, or remind you of someone or some place.

The poems are free on this website but they’re also published and available  at Amazon and Barnes and Noble in paperback or as a download to your IPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.  If you’re interested in the book, just  click on the book cover at the bottom of this page. (The paperback is a bit too expensive.)  Sorry, I didn’t set the price. But all proceeds from the book and ads are donated to The Tunnels To Towers foundation.
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Check out my new book,  The Closer, An inside look at the world of high pressure sales, big  money and big egos. It’s available on on Substack and subscription is free. 

I’m amazed at the hundreds of hits Be Free Too gets each day from all over the world. Hey, it is a “worldwide” web. And though my travels often take me “off the grid” I’ll try to respond to your questions and comments. To avoid spam I ask for your name and email address  but I won’t spam you. I hope you’ll be inspired to seek the path which is unique to you. TO LIVE YOUR LIFE IN YOUR OWN WAY. To BE FREE TOO.  It’s never too late. You can do it.

So let’s get started.  Under the category ESSAYS  just click on YOUR ROAD TO FREEDOM.
Enjoy the journey and email me when you get there.