I have been a bachelor,
For nearly 30 years.
I’ve had a lot of good times,
I’ve also shed some tears.

And I’ve been all around the world,
On foot, by car and wing.
I’ve made a lot of money,
I own a lot of things.

And though I’m getting older,
And not still in my prime.
I still can ski black diamonds,
I hike, and bike, and climb.

I’ve done most of this solo,
Spent lots of time alone.
Time to settle down a bit,
And spend some time at home.

So now I need a woman,
Someone to have and hold.
One who’s not to ugly,
And one who’s not too old.

Be nice if she was sexy,
Could cook and clean and sew.
I might even marry her,
And leave her all my dough.

But pretty girls look thru me,
ANd old ones are too bold.
Young girls end up leaving you,
And wives grow fat and cold.

I’ve concluded after searching,
On line and in some bars,
That women ARE from Venus,
And me, well, I’m from Mars.

My mother always said that I
Would end up all alone,
How did mother get so smart,
When all I got was old.

Well maybe she is out there,
And maybe she is not.
She’s probably just like my ex,
But God I hope she’s not.

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