Liberals Liberals everywhere,
As far as the eye can see.
Taxing away my money,
So others can live off of me.

The Bible thumping right
Is still trying to get my vote.
They shove their uptight morals,
Down my moderate throat.

The Left won’t stay out of my checkbook.
The Right thinks my bedroom’s their turf.
They talk but they never solve problems,
And our deficit keeps getting worse.

The “safety net” now is a hammock.
Illegals do all of our work.
Our dollar keeps getting weaker,
But unions still get all their perks.

I’m happy to pay my taxes,
And fight for my country and bleed.
But all of this Socialist bullshit,
Is something we simply don’t need.

Let’s stop foreign aid to all countries,
Whose dictators pillage and loot.
Stop voting for dumb politicians,
And then bring home all of our troops.

It’s time we all take back our country,
The land of the free and the brave.
Or the government soon will make us,
The land of the weak and enslaved.

Stop voting for morons and scoundrels,
The next time you go to the poll.
Across the face of your ballot,
In bold letters simply right NO!

And the next time they ask for your taxes,
An I O U send their way.
If we have to live within budget,
Why in the hell shouldn’t they?
If it follows from thence, that he appears king of massachusetts, king do my essay with of rhode island, king of!

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