Table For Two

“How’d it go today dear”,
She asked as he came through the door.
“Fine,” he said as he turned on
The TV to check out the scores.

Needing adult conversation,
After spending all day with the kids,
She busied herself in the kitchen,
And pondered the one word he’d said.

“What’s for dinner?” he muttered,
As he opened a bottle of beer.
“Corned beef and cabbage”, she answered.
He turned up his nose in a sneer.

Setting the food on the table,
She carefully turned down the lights.
He scarcely looked up from the paper—
“Where are the kids tonight?”

“They’re spending the night with mother.”
The candles she lit then poured wine.
“How does it look?” she inquired.
He sat down and simply said, “fine”.

He wolfed down his dinner in silence,
Never once looking up at his mate.
Then left her alone at the table.
Dejected, she stared at her plate.

Tomorrow he’d find the house empty.
He’d wake up alone with the dawn.
She’d wonder if he ever missed her,
Or even know why she had gone.

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