Rabbit Habit

Rabbits come in many forms,
In colors shapes and sizes.
They satisfy a lady’s needs,
Indulging her sweet vices.
Factories run into the night,
Avoiding sexual crisis.
In fact the Rabbit leads all sales,
Of vibrating devices.

It made its name you may recall
Twas in Sex And The City
They did an intervention,
Her adiction wasn’t pretty.

It won’t leave up the toilet seat,
And you don’t have to feed it.
It never strays or drinks too much,
The night stand nicely keeps it.

It never says you are too fat,
It has no thoughts to guess.
It’s there right when you need it.
And never leaves a mess.

It twists and turns and pulses,
Its kind of cute to view.
And unlike men who are such dogs,
It really loves just you.
But something’s missing woman like,
In pleasures they can savor.
With little ears and rings of pearls,
It ought to come in flavors.

And so it was great chefs conspired,
To give the Rabbit flavor.
They searched the land and tried to find,
The taste that women favor.
They tried liqueurs of every kind,
Then lamb and ham and turkey.
What flavor will the rabbit be?
You guessed it…its beef jerky!

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