When I was just a little boy,
Each night I’d hide my head.
Beneath the covers cause a monster
Lived under my bed.

Though I had never seen it,
Twas there without a doubt.
The damn thing only came out when
The bedroom light was out.

Around my room it prowled about,
This awful ugly beast.
Knowing that my toes and ears
Would make a tasty feast.

In terror I would tremble neath
My snug Roy Rogers sheets.
And every time it made a sound,
My heart would skip a beat.

Some nights I’d leave the light on,
But dad would turn it out.
And once he shut my bedroom door,
The beast would slink about.

Then one day it dawned on me.
The problem was the bed.
The answer to the problem was
Out in my dad’s tool shed.

It took a lot of effort but,
The beast at last has fled.
I got a little saw and sawed
The legs off of my bed.

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