Newkie barely gets about,
He’s seventeen, this cat.
No tabby this old timer,
He’s black and that is that.

Sometimes he stares off into space.
Now and then he purrs.
Mostly he just sleeps a lot.
Sometimes he licks his fur.

His life had not been easy,
Survival was a chore.
He’d never been the alpha cat,
And lived behind closed doors.

Then one day I rescued him,
And down the road we sped.
Like Harry and old Tonto,
Our jailor we both shed.

And now these are his golden years,
Rescued just in time.
At last he has a home that’s his,
He naps in warm sunshine.

I guess I’m kinda like this cat,
No longer in my prime.
We syncopate together,
In Catatonic time.

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