Isaac Newton figured out
Why apples fall from trees.
This universal law it seems,
Applies to you and me.

What goes up someday comes down,
A fact of life for certain.
All actors strut upon the stage,
But face a falling curtain.

And so it is with tits I guess,
Though surgeons make them perfect.
They sit there high and mighty,
And look just plain terrific.

But then that Isaac Newton thing,
Begins to take effect,
And all the parts around them,
Soon show signs of neglect.

A sagging chin, a wrinkled brow
As flesh heads earthward bound.
Those tits may still be perfect,
But men just don’t come round.

For God’s sake give your tits a break,
They have a right to sag.
Eighty and with perfect tits?
It’s enough to make you gag.

So ladies leave your tits alone,
Don’t lift or spread or bob em.
given up on having sex?
Now there’s the real problem!

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