Broke Back Mountain (Condensed)

Two cowboys went on horses,
Up Broke Back mountain way.
A herd of sheep went with em,
So they could earn some pay.
The night grew cold and stormy,
The whisky went right down.
The sheep were soon forgotten,
And blue jeans hit the ground.
What happened then’s a puzzle,
They didn’t go to sleep.
Inside that tent they frolicked,
And got in way too deep.
Now I ain’t ever tried it,
So I don’t really know.
I guess the sheep were ugly,
Or just no fun to blow.
But I can say for certain,
It takes a twisted dude,
To stick it in his buddies butt.
Hell, that’s just downright rude.
There was an awful price to pay–
In morning air so still.
Their butts were sore and so they had
To walk back down the hill.
Then next year they went fishin
At least that was their line.
And when they grabbed each others rod,
It felt so firm and fine.
They frolicked in the meadow,
They frolicked in the grass.
They both risked everything they had
To get each others ass.
The piper soon they had to pay,
Their story ended sad.
Then Hollywood took up the tale
Of gay Wyoming lads.
Some folks cheered this love story,
But real men were pissed.
Up the butt was fine with them—

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